How to Identify and Avoid Paid Survey Scams?

How to Identify and Avoid Paid Survey Scams?

How to Identify and Avoid Paid Survey Scams?

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One of the most popular ways to make money on the internet is to complete paid surveys. These easy-to-follow questionnaires are a fast and affordable way for companies to gauge public opinion. But not all paid online surveys are created equal. In fact, many consumers have come forward to spread the word about paid survey scams. In this article we will discuss a few basic tips that will hopefully help you spot a scam.

Tip 1: Don’t Pay!

Have you ever been asked to pay for the privilege of doing your job? Of course not! After all, you are the one providing the service, so why should you pay? Still, there are some paid survey programs that will ask you to remit a membership fee. And while these fees are often small, it truly is a matter of principle. Fortunately, there are many reputable paid survey sites that are absolutely free.

Tip 2: Learn to Spot a Scam

A good portion of the sites that claim to pay for surveys are actually email harvesting sites in disguise. These sites do nothing more than collect personal information and sell it to marketers. They are a cinch to spot because they rarely include any company information on the site. More often than not, they are generic- looking sites that are thrown up as quickly as possible to collect information.

Tip 3: Check the Privacy Policy

Every virtual company that collects and stores personal information on its members should post a privacy policy. This privacy policy should reassure members that they will not reveal, share or sell any personal information to any other party, save the member himself. If a company does not include a privacy policy, it should concern you. Not having or posting a privacy policy gives the company the option of trading or selling your personal information to the highest bidder. So, if the site does not post one, we suggest you stay away.

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