Why People Think Paid Surveys Are Scams?

Why So Many People Think Paid Surveys Are Scams?

Paid surveys are often advertised as a quick and easy way to make a little extra money. But many consumers who complete them come away disappointed. Some folks even say they are a scam. There are several reasons for this.

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Inflated Expectations

As the opinion polls continually remind us, most people don’t like their jobs. Some of us even hate them. It is not surprisingly then that frustrated employees would want to explore other options. For most people, working from the comfort of their own home is preferable to dressing up and driving to the office. Perhaps that is why online surveys are so popular. Consumers who complete these surveys can work from home and dictate their own hours.

There’s just one problem: most people cannot make a living completing virtual surveys. The assignments are simply not that consistent and there are no benefits. That is why completing paid surveys is best for people who need a part-time job for supplemental income, like college students or stay-at-home moms. If you go in thinking you can make a full-time income, you will probably come away disappointed.

Membership Fees

When a website asks consumers to pay a fee for a service that is normally free, they naturally think it is a scam. But many online survey programs that require a membership fee are actually legitimate. The reason they ask for money is that they pay for the plum assignments and have a much smaller customer base, so there is less competition. On average, it is much easier to find paid online surveys on a member’s only survey site.

Strings Attached

It is not at all uncommon for a person who is new to survey questionnaires to complete a survey only to find out that there are strings attached. Often, the consumer is asked to purchase a product or monthly service before the company will agree to remit the promised payment for the survey. This is a common practice on free survey program sites.

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